Hyper-Performance with Human Artificial Intelligence



While artificial intelligence can make fundamental transformations, people are still at the core of achieving profound organizational hyper-performance. Why? Because, human factors, such as decision making and behavioural choices, continuously influence and determine the level of success and results for most organizations. Therefore, artificial intelligence should be well prepared to manage the peculiarities of human psychology and neurology.
Artificial intelligence is already helping organizations to manage increasing loads of exponentially growing data volumes, thus enabling rapid behavioural pattern recognition. That helps to narrow down and locate groups of people with distinct behavioural deviations, which highlights a possibility of having a common attitudinal barrier behind their underperformance.
Creative design ways that enable employees observing instant feedback are fundamental for sustaining any genuine organizational transformation. Once that mindset is embraced, organizations can start thinking about ways how artificial intelligence can help accelerating necessary transformations toward hyper-performance.